Hello there! Welcome :)

Smiling Spaces represents opportunities for us to join together in Spaces, where balance can be rediscovered, where lessons can be shared, where tears can be shed, where voices can be heard, where smiles and warm hugs can be exchanged with absolutely no commitments, except to accept each other as we are.

Spaces are created geographically - by meeting in the same place or chronologically - by meeting at the same time independent of the media of communication. Both share the intent: to dive within as deep as you need in order to discover the smile within you and bring it forth, so that your, sometimes difficult to be born, smile finds its way out by the time you leave - and you can share it with the world. One smile at a time - that is my contribution to the World.

Smiling Spaces is a project to bring Joy to myself and those with shared values. As a part of it, I organize events to share experiences, teachings, practices and ideas that are of interest to me, and that I hope will enhance understanding and awareness of others. For those ready for a deeper dive, I hold individual SELF sessions.

I hope to share Smiling Space with you one day.